Malignaggi Wants To Fight And “Break” Conor

Conor McGregor and former boxing champion Paulie Malignaggi are once again in a war of words with one another.

McGregor and the Showtime Sports analyst’s feud began in 2017, when Malignaggi claimed leaked footage of  him being knocked down by the former two-division UFC champion..

McGregor re-kindled the feud last week on social media, with Malignaggi now challenging McGregor to a “winner take all” boxing match, where the winner would claim the total purse at the final bell.

“I think Conor knows his time is coming to an end. He has become the Pinata of combat sports, just like I predicted he would once he reached this level. He just wasn’t going to be able to hack it,” Malignaggi said.

“So I think now that he realizes it’s happening – he’s trying all that he can to keep himself relevant as best he can – even going as far as calling out the Japanese featherweight Nasukawa. That guy just did an exhibition with Floyd Mayweather – I don’t think he was intending to fight guys as big as Floyd and Conor, that physically big – he’s a very small guy. It was a one-off situation. Conor’s not the same – he’s not Floyd Mayweather.

Looking at the landscape, Malignaggi feels that he’s the most viable money making option for McGregor. “There’s no other fight he can make that he makes more money than he does fighting me – the problem is, he gets beaten by me. Why are you looking to fight Japanese featherweights for half the money than you would fighting me if you can beat me. [Eddie] Hearn can easily put the fight together, [Al] Haymon can easily put the fight together, Showtime have said they’d be interested in it – I don’t think it’s a no-brainer at this point. I don’t think it’d any secret at this point – there’s money in the fight.

“In boxing I’d be interested in it – I’d love to do a ‘winner takes all’ fight just so he can go for free but I don’t think he’d ever agree to that. I would love to fight Conor McGregor in a ‘winner takes all’ fight in a boxing match, I would absolutely love it because I would beat him to a pulp, I would hospitalize him and I’d make him go home broke too.”

Quotes Via Boxing Scene

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