Manny Pacquiao To Star In An Action Film

Manny Pacquiao will reportedly work with actor Ma Dong-seok (Don Lee) in an action film that will be shot in the Philippines.

Chavit Singson will produce the film, which will feature boxing scenes. Manny and his wife, Jinkee Pacquiao, were pictured with the actor in April, hinting at a possible collaboration. Lee expressed his admiration for Manny as he requested the boxer’s autograph. Lee’s biggest films include “Train to Busan” and the Marvel movie “Eternals.”

Instagram: jinkeepacquiao


Pacman has starred in films previously. He appeared in Wapakman, which was broadcast in 2009 at the Metro Manila Film Festival. His documentary, “Manny,” was also released in 2015. While Manny has been linked with a boxing return against Mario Barrios, he could add a new film to his list of accomplishments. 

“(I went to Korea with Manny. I introduced Pacquiao to one of the most popular [actors] in Korea, Don Lee. We’re going to make a movie with Manny. Don Lee and I will make an action film, and boxing suits Manny.) (It will be done in the Philippines because Don Lee wants to build a studio in Vigan that can be used by others, like in Hollywood.) (The series that is very popular in Korea, ‘Vagabond’, will be continued here. They have finished some parts, and then the continuation will be filmed here in the Philippines.)” Singson said 

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