Manny Pacquiao Will Fight Buakaw Banchamek In January 2024

Manny Pacquiao has confirmed that he will fight kickboxer Buakaw Banchamek in January 2024 for an exhibition. 

The news was confirmed at a press conference in Thailand in a battle that sees two fighters who are no longer in their prime.

Pacquaio is an eight-division champion with nothing else to prove in the sport. Meanwhile, the 41-year-old Buakaw is a former two-time K-1 World MAX champion. 

However, the exhibition will feature some novel rules: “Pacquiao and Buakaw will fight for six rounds of three minutes each with a two-minute break between rounds. The weight is 70kgs [155 pounds].”

With that being said, this is what Manny had to say


“I will do my best and give good action for fans to make them happy and enjoy the show. Thank you with great respect to Vinij Lertratanachai, Fresh Air Festival. Thank you also to Buakaw Banchamek and his team.

Special thank you to LOL International. Thank you to all the fans and all the media for coming out and showing your support. This will be an amazing fight,” Pacquiao

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