Manny Wants Floyd, Floyd Doesn’t Care

Freddie Roach made Manny Pacquiao’s intentions certain for what he plans to do this Saturday night against  Keith Thurman.

“Manny Pacquiao is going to win by knockout in nine rounds and then he’s going to ask Mayweather for a rematch,” Roach said in an interview with ESPN Deportes.

“With a healthy Manny Pacquiao, no injuries, the story will be different, so let’s see if Floyd decides to come back when he sees Manny.”

Mayweather will be at ringside for Pacquiao’s bid to become the WBO “super” welterweight champion on FOX Pay-Per-View, but do not expect the currently retired fighter to accept or acknowledge the challenge from the Filipino senator.

“He’s very content,” Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe said to Boxing Scene. “He’s living his best life. I just talked to him earlier today. We went over some business stuff. He’s traveling, spending time with his kids, spending time with his family. He’s doing all the things that he never got a chance to do because boxing has consumed his life ever since he was 5 years old. So truly, he’s getting to do stuff for really kind of the first time in his life. And he’s really enjoying it.”

Even though their 2015 fight set a record at 4.6 million pay-per-view purchases and total revenue at over $600 million, Mayweather won’t be interested in a return, even though he can add another $300+ million to he bank account.

“Floyd has no interest,” Ellerbe said. “He has zero interest. He’s been doing this all his life. And after a while, you get burned out. He’s given the sport everything. I can relate to everything [Pacquiao is] saying about being an older fighter, where you have to switch it up. Instead of running 10 miles, you might only have to run five because the wear and tear on your body, with all the rounds of sparring, it takes a lot out of you. Because guys like him and Floyd, they separate themselves from everyone else. That’s why we always say it’s levels to this.

“And Floyd’s always been more prepared than his opponents. He’s always been in the best shape ever, because he has given boxing everything. There was no stones unturned. So when you’re an older fighter, you have to make that adjustment. You have to train smarter and not harder. That’s what Manny was saying [earlier Tuesday] and I can appreciate it, because I know exactly what he was saying.”

Report: The Mirror/Boxing Scene


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