Mares Wins WBA Featherweight Title

Despite not fighting for the last 16 months, Abner Mares came back to the world of boxing and is now the new WBA featherweight champion, defeating Jesus Cuellar via split decision.

The fight was a closely fought contest featuring two different styles of boxing. Mares utilized quicker and more accurate shots, while Cuellar focused on landing heavy, powerful hands. Mares’ speed with his hooks was the clear best part of the first round, but Cuellar landed shots of his own for a competitive round two. The two fought evenly in rounds three and four as well.

Mares seemed to edge out round five due to counter-striking the champ, and his success continued into the sixth. Cuellar was able to adjust, however, in the seventh, and the two went back into even back-and-forth action again.

The turning point, however, came in the 11th round when Mares connected with a right hand and sent the champion down to the canvas. While Cuellar was able to get back up, it was clear this round was all-Mares, and Mares continued to go hard on him in the final round, both of which may have played a role in awarding him the bout.

One judge gave the fight to Cuellar with a score of 115-112, while the other two saw the bout in Mares’ favor 117-110 and 116-111.

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