Mark Coleman Released From Hospital Following House Fire, But Didn’t Waste Time In Getting Back To The Gym

During his at home recovery from the injuries he suffered in the house fire last week, Mark Coleman returned to the gym in true championship fashion.

The 59-year-old former UFC heavyweight titleholder, and Pride FC Open Weight Grand Prix champion, has been released from the hospital, just days after finding himself amidst a house fire in which he wound up saving his parents from.

“The Hammer” took to Instagram to thank everyone for the support he received while in the hospital, after returning home to his family.

“I am healing up very well,” Coleman wrote on Instagram. “My lungs are sore. My eyes are burnt but I’m very much alive and well. I feel so blessed it’s in my higher powers hands. He wants me to move forward today and I am. I’m overwhelmed by the love and support that I have received, if I had a wish it would be that I could meet each and every one of you to give you a big hug and thank you in person.

“Everybody check in on your loved ones life is good life is what you make it. Everything starts with a thought keep the negative thoughts out of your head, love you all so much.”

While the damage he suffered from the fire was significant, Coleman still managed to find time to visit with his co-workers at UFC welterweight Matt Brown’s training facility, Immortal Martial Arts center in Columbus, Ohio.

Coleman reposted the above video with the following comment attached, in case anyone was worried about the man pushing himself back to business too soon. The MMA community wishes this legend all the best on his road to recovery.

I promise everybody I’m taking it easy but it’s time for me to get back into a routine. I have so many families; blood, wrestling, mma, sober, hammer house and more ❤️🙏I’m so blessed I am so grateful you have all made this recovery, amazingly easier, much faster, much more peaceful I am mentally strong, but like anything you need to do the work to stay strong Sober is cool carnivore diet, nine ancestral tenants hammer house for life.

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