Mark Munoz To Lose Job After Allowing Students To Resolve Dispute Through Boxing

Even after retiring, It feels controversy will never leave Mark Munoz (14-6). According to a report from TMZ, the UFC veteran is being told to leave his job as a high school wrestling coach.

The 44-year-old is facing consequences for allowing two students to resolve their dispute through a boxing match. It is said that the two students asked Munoz whether they could lace a pair of gloves and duke it out, and the retired boxer reportedly agreed.

The parents of both the students were enraged by Munoz’s decision and decided to report the incident to the school administration.

A spokesperson for Anaheim’s Fairmont Private Schools said that the bridges are burnt between them and Munoz.

“We will not just be renewing his contract, we will also make sure that he doesn’t come back to this school ever again,” the spokesperson stated. Munoz has been employed at Anaheim’s Fairmont Private Schools since September 2020.

During his boxing days, Munoz was known for his power and agility in the UFC’s middleweight division, having notable wins over Chris Leben and Demian Maia before retiring in 2015.

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