Marlon Vera’s House Robbed Following UFC 299 Loss To O’Malley

Marlon Vera found thieves had broken into his house following his UFC 299 fight against Sean O’Malley.

Chito was taking on O’Malley for the chance to win Suga’s UFC Bantamweight Title. Vera was the only fighter to have beaten O’Malley, knocking him out at UFC 252 in 2020. Despite showing tremendous heart, he came up short, losing a unanimous decision. Things got worse when Vera returned home to find his house had been broken into. The following image shows Vera’s door wedged open, leaving the fighter in shock.

“The f****** assh*** that broke into my home, I’m gonna find you. The context is last night there was a robbery. They broke into our house. Though they are material things, they are things that have been bought with a lot of effort and hard work. But hey, these types of things happen,” Vera said

Vera has informed the authorities and an investigation appears to be underway.

“Came back home to fill police reports and try to get all my legal documents & watches inside the safe that some piece of s**t stole from my house. First stop Italian consulate thanks for take care of us,” Vera stated 

MMA fans were delighted to see the fighter was well as they hoped the people responsible would be held accountable.


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