Masvidal Pleads Guilty To Lesser Charge, Felony Dropped In Covington Case

Jorge Masvidal pleaded guilty to a charge of battery in relation to an incident involving Colby Covington.

According to reports, Masvidal had attacked Covington in March 2022 outside a restaurant. The incident occurred in the aftermath of Masvidal’s loss to Covington at UFC 272, as the latter won by a unanimous decision. The severity of the attack resulted in Covington suffering some serious injuries, some of which were broken teeth and a concussion. Although that may have been the case, Masvidal did state that he was innocent from the outset.

“Allegedly this, allegedly that. But I’m innocent, not guilty. I’m facing three felonies if you want to know the exact truth. And yeah, it’s still pending. This guy’s a coward f***, so what could I expect from a coward f*** like him,” Masvidal

However, since then, the two charges of battery and one for criminal mischief have now been dropped after Judge Zachary James accepted Masvidal’s plea deal with the State of Florida. The incident may have been a whole lot worse since the fighter could have faced as much as 15 years behind bars or a $10,000 fine. And now that the case has been put to bed, Masvidal can move forward.


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