Masvidal Wants To Defend BMF Belt In WWE

Following the announcement that the main event of UFC 244 would be for the “Baddest Mother F**er” Championship, many of its critics called it too “pro wrestling.”

Jorge Masvidal has decided to pull a Sheryl Sandberg and “lean-in” to the idea, by calling out whoever is the baddest on the WWE’s roster.

The roster, which features former MMA fighters Matt Riddle, Brock Lesnar, and Bobby Lashley, among other athletes who perform up to 200 times per year.

“I want you to tell me who the baddest mother-effer is over on the WWE, and that’s who’s next after this fight,” Masvidal said on WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T’s podcast.

“God willing, I get my hand raised on Nov. 2, God allows me to get this victory, I want to go over and challenge the baddest mother-effer in WWE, because I know there are some bad mother-effers over there.”

What do you think of Masvidal wanting to throw down with a WWE star? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

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