Matt Brown Breaks Down McGregor’s Delayed UFC Return – ‘He Doesn’t Need The Money’

UFC’s Matt Brown believes Conor McGregor’s extensive wealth is why the fighter has not made his UFC return.

McGregor’s last UFC fight was a defeat to Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 in 2021, as he suffered a broken leg. Since then, several reasons have been put forward for his delay. McGregor failed to meet the USADA testing deadlines in 2023 before their departure. He had to submit two negative samples over six months before competing.

He enrolled in October, putting him in line for a UFC 300 return. McGregor won’t appear on the card, nor is he any closer to making a return. Dana White dismissed McGregor’s announcement that he was fighting Michael Chandler on June 29. White backed up Brown’s words, saying McGregor was in no rush to return given his lack of need for money, as the UFC fighter went on to outline.

“It’s pretty obvious. I don’t think it’s some mystical f****** Nostradamus s***. The dude’s got hundreds of millions in the bank. Would you fight if you had hundreds of millions in the bank? He did a lot of great things. He was an amazing fighter.

“He’s not getting back to a title ever. The only reason he would have to come back is his ego. He doesn’t need the money. It would be only ego. He’s not going to get a belt again, and he knows that,” Brown said 

McGregor’s own words paint a different story, stating he was meant to return in December, April and, according to White, by the end of the year. But with no opponent lined up, MMA fans have been left to wonder if they will ever see the Notorious back in the Octagon.


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