Matt Brown Shares Career Memory Following Recent UFC Retirement – “I Learned More As A Martial Artist In That Fight Than Any Fight”

Earlier this month, legendary UFC competitor Matt Brown announced his retirement from the sport, and now he has recently opened up on his favorite moment in his time fighting.

To the surprise of many, it was not one of his dominant performances or highlight knockouts that produced his favorite memory, but a hard fought decision loss to Robbie Lawler in the main event at UFC on FOX 12 in 2014.

Making an appearance on a recent episode of the MMA Hour, Brown spoke to Ariel Helwani and expressed this moment was very important to him ‘on a personal level’.

“The Robbie Lawler fight was actually my favorite,” Brown shared. “On a personal level…because I probably learned more as a martial artist in that fight than any fight in my career. Robbie is just an absolute savage and I just never faced someone like him before or after. I thought I won the fight, of course the judges gave it to him and it was close enough that it wasn’t a robbery or anything, but I feel like I performed really well considering the circumstances…

“The lessons that I took walking out of that cage have hit me a little deeper than any other fight…I wasn’t as powerful as I thought I was [at the time].”

Brown retired with a professional record of 24-19, with 30 of those matches taking place in the UFC. In his time with the organization, he accumulated 17 wins between 2008 and 2023, registering 13 knockouts and 2 submissions along the way.

Most recently, Brown stopped Court McGee with a powerful right hook in the first round of their contest in May 2023. This would wind up being Brown’s final bout, and while many were sad to see him go, this served as an excellent final UFC moment.

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