Matt Brown Shares His Thoughts On Colby Covington – “We Don’t Really Care If We See Him Again Or Not”

Colby Covington’s stock has dropped significantly with all the happenings surrounding UFC 296.

Between his pre-fight antics to get under his opponent’s skin, including the tasteless comments about Leon Edward’s late father, followed by a below average performance on fight night, many feel that “Chaos Season” is over for good.

“The Immortal” Matt Brown, Ultimate Fighter season 7 alumni and veteran of the sport, is among those who are feeling that the Covington train has run its course. Not only did Brown criticize his performance at UFC 296, but also his disrespectful behavior during fight week, and inability to back it up in the octagon. Meanwhile, Brown made sure to praise Edwards for completely nullifying Covington’s game plan through distance management.

“I think we’re taking a little bit of credit away from Leon when we say [Colby looked bad],” Brown said on the latest episode of The Fighter vs. The Writer. “Because I also think Leon looked very good, looked very sharp, was patient, stayed fundamental, stayed with his purpose, fought his game plan perfectly and didn’t allow Colby to get started either. As bad as Colby looked, I’m not as convinced it was Colby as much as it was Leon.

“I don’t think Colby had an off night. I don’t think it was the ring rust. I think Leon put it on him. He kept his distance well. When Colby did attempt a couple of shots, I think Colby felt the defense from Leon and he wasn’t able to get anything started. I credit Leon for that.”

-Matt Brown via The Fight vs. The Writer


“When you lose, invite the guy to a barbecue. Be cool about it. We’re in there to settle things. That’s what this sport is. You’re settling [things] with your fists. It wasn’t settled. I think I speak for everyone, we don’t really care if we see him again or not. I don’t think there’s a lot of people excited to see him fight again. [His comments were] just disgusting. Why the f*** would you say some s*** like that? You’re not getting in his head. That’s not going to change the fight. If somehow because you talked about his murdered dad, if that won you the fight, is that something to be proud of? It’s not going to win a single fight for you but would you be proud of that?”

“Hopefully we don’t have to hear from him again,” Brown said. “Hopefully he sees [Jorge] Masvidal in the street again in a dark alley and they can actually street fight it out. I’ve got a feeling Masvidal will put a pretty good whooping on him in the street. Hopefully that ends him.”

-Matt Brown via The Fight vs. The Writer


While Brown (24-19) has been riding the twilight era of his career for quite some time now, he is still performing well at 42 years old. Most recently, he faced Court McGee (21-12) at UFC on ABC 4 in Charlotte, North Carolina for his 30th UFC appearance.

Brown caught McGee in the first round with a well-placed overhand right, and ended the fight in the very first round. Through this bout, Brown tied Derrick Lewis for the most knockout victories in UFC history.


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