Mayweather And Dana White Aid The Maui Wild Fire Victims

Floyd Mayweather gave back to the community with reports that he had helped the people of Maui, who had been impacted by wildfires, with some necessary food and shelter.

TMZ reported that Mayweather had taken it upon himself to ensure that he had paid “for almost 70 families to fly to safety, but also providing them with a place to stay, food to eat, and clothing to wear.”

And at a time when the fires have impacted numerous people, any intervention from Mayweather and others will be welcomed.

It is alleged that at least 99 people have died in the fires, as the damage that has been done has totalled nearly $6 billion, as per Hawaii Governer Josh Green.

Mayweather was not the only person to reach out with help. UFC President Dana White also confirmed that efforts were being made to reach out to those in need to ensure that help was given as soon as possible.

“UFC is going to make a $1 million dollar donation to support Hawaii relief efforts. We are also doing this limited edition T-shirt with a hundred percent of the proceeds going to those Hawaii relief efforts so please, visit today, pick up a t-shirt and to our friends in Hawaii, we love you and we have your backs. And to everyone else, UFC sponsors, anyone affiliated with the UFC, I ask you to stand up too. Donate some money, reach out to me or buy a T-shirt. Let’s all help these people,” White said

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