Mayweather: Chocalitito #1 P4P, Ward Lost

When Floyd Mayweather stepped away from boxing, the top pound-for-pound spot was left vacant. Super flyweight champion Roman ‘Chocolatito’ Gonzalez currently holds that title, and Mayweather said this week that he approves of Chocolatito being considered the best in the game.

Mayweather answered a number of questions in an interview with Brian Campbell of ESPN while he was promoting the upcoming bout between Mayweather Promotions fighter Badou Jack and James DeGale.

Asked who the top pound-for-pound fighter in the game is, Mayweather said he agreed with the overwhelming sentiment that Gonzalez was deserving of that accolade. He was quick, however, to reject the notion that undefeated light-heavyweight champion Andre Ward should be considered the best fighter in the game.

According to Mayweather, Ward did not deserve to win his last fight against then-champion Sergey Kovalev.

“I like Andre Ward but one thing about me, I call a spade a spade. [Ward] didn’t win,” Mayweather said. “Chocolatito has to be number one. He hasn’t lost yet and he’s a hell of a fighter.”

Mayweather levied a large amount of criticism towards Ward’s trainer Virgil Hunter, who he says Ward needs to ditch if he wants to be victorious in a rematch with Kovalev.

“Do I like Andre Ward? Yes, I do like Andre Ward. But Andre Ward got to make some major changes if you are going to fight Kovalev again. You got to make some major changes. You got to go get you a trainer that’s been in the crunch before.

“Virgil Hunter’s not a good trainer at all. That’s just my honest opinion. Virgil Hunter is a cool guy. He’s a nice guy but a guy who’s never fought before, that’s never been in a crunch moment. How can he tell you about a crunch moment if he’s never been in a crunch moment?”

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