WATCH: Mayweather: I Punked McGregor At The Airport

During his media workout on Thursday, Floyd “Money” Mayweather claimed that he confronted UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor at a New York Airport airport, and the UFC champion didn’t respond.

“What’s up little dude?” Mayweather says he said to McGregor.

“He was with all of his guys, and at that particular time, I was just with all of my female friends. You know what I say, having one is too close to having none.

“I was just letting him know, with or without my security, I’m still tough. I ain’t no (expletive). I ain’t no punk.”

According to Mayweather, McGregor didn’t do anything and just walked away.

It’ll be interesting to see what McGregor says during his media workout today at 6pm, which you can watch here on FIGHTSPORTS.TV

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