Mayweather & KSI vs Pacquiao & Salt Papi Tag Team match?

Misfits Boxing is ready to up the ante in the coming months with perhaps the most interesting tag team match in the history of boxing.

It has been confirmed on Twitter by KSI’s manager and Misfits representative, Proper Loud Music, that there are talks in place to arrange a tag team match featuring Floyd Mayweather and KSI against Manny Pacquiao and TikToker Busta “Salt Papi” Breezie.

The news has sent the fans in a frenzy on social media, who are in disbelief.

KSI’s manager was quick to confirm this after a fan mentioned him in the thread.

In a separate development, Misfits Boxing is under fire for its crossover boxing. The recent criticism has come from the general secretary of the British Boxing Board of Control, Robert Smith.
While speaking on the George Groves Boxing Club podcast, Smith explained he is concerned with what is going on with KSI’s Misfits Boxing.

“If somebody gets injured it’s boxing, its not Misfits boxing, it’s boxing. The first person who’s going to get the phone call is me.”

“The trouble we’ve got is they may not want to come to the Board because they know they won’t get a licence so there’s half the show gone, and I fully understand that.”

“Let’s just see what they can supply us with and let’s see how we can deal with it.”

Smith wants KSI and co to go for an official boxing license, just like Jake Paul did.

“Jake Paul has a license with California, he’s not the best boxer in the world, but I don’t think he disgraced himself [against Tommy Fury],” he said.

“More than likely there are people in this country with less ability or the same ability [as Paul] to have got a license so you have to consider that. He is licensed by an authentic governing body. But so far, KSI, I’ve never had any contact with whatsoever.”

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