Mayweather Refuses To Discuss Pacquiao At Presser

Floyd Mayweather returned to Tokyo on Thursday, where the retired boxer made sure no one asked him questions about a rematch with Manny Pacquiao.

 “I’m already retired from boxing,” Mayweather said to the press, refusing to ever fight again as a pro, but is focused on returning to the ring for an exhibition by the end of 2019, similar to his RIZIN showdown with Tenshin Nasukawa on New Year’s Eve.

“Negotiations are progressing, although it is not yet official, my opponent could be a kickboxer or an MMA fighter,” Mayweather said of a return to Japan.

“It’s natural that I come up with this idea, because I’m buying a house in Tokyo so I don’t have to repeat the long trips between the United States and Japan.”

In his exhibition against the much smaller Nasukawa, Mayweather would dust the kickboxer/MMA fighter moments into the fight, after a controversy about the rules, whether it was an official fight, or even if the fight was going to happen, hours after he announced the fight at a Tokyo press conference.

Report: Boxing Scene

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