McCarthy-Rogan Talk UFC Ownership

On Joe Rogan’s podcast, the UFC color commentator had referee turned Bellator color analyst, John McCarthy on to discuss the evolution of the UFC to where it is today.

When on the subject of UFC’s reported $4 Billion dollar sale to WME-IMG, McCarthy and Rogan both agreed that the sale price was more than the value of the company, but McCarthy claims that it was due to the work of the “brains” of the UFC.

“The greatest thing that the UFC had was Lorenzo Fertitta,” McCarthy said. “I’m just being honest. Dana White was fantastic for the UFC as far as his work effort and the amount of work he put into it and non-stop just going after deals, trying to make things happen.”

“He was the workhorse for it, but Lorenzo is the brains behind it. And the loss of him is great. You’ve already seen things.”

Rogan and McCarthy agree that since the purchase, the amount of events have really constrained the growth of the company, to the point they were competing against themselves/

“(Having too many events) is part of the problem,” McCarthy said. “For a while there, they were almost competing against themselves with pay-per-views. You had two pay-per-views in a month, and you went and said ‘I’ll buy that one, I’m not gonna buy that one.’”

“You can’t be in business against yourself.”

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