McDonald To Undergo Hand Surgery

After breaking his hand again after his 58 second destruction of Eduardo Dantas at Bellator 202,  he will once again need to undergo surgery.

McDonald initially was not supposed to need surgery for the injury, but according to a post on his Instagram, complications have arose.

Hey everyone. Here is an update on my hand.

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My friends, I have news about my hand. Unfortunately the first attempt to fix my hand wasn’t as successful as we had hopes. We are going to move on with surgery after all. Not only did I shatter my bones in my hand but I also crushed it. I lost 1/4″ off my knuckle and pointer finger length which slightly misaligns and deforms my fist, which will be a huge danger for me to continue punching. We are going to try to fuse my hand bones together and all extend it back to the original length, along with adding a surgical steel plate for reinforcement.

It’s crazy to say…. But this could possibly still be only a portion of my recovery. The last bone fusion I had (on my right hand) was a 2 surgery process. One to add a steel plate and fuse the bone along with extracting bone marrow from another part of my body, and yet another surgery a month afterward to remove the steel plate and screws fro may hand since they were so close to the wrist.

My hand surgery is scheduled for August 30th in Las Vegas with the genius Dr. James Vahey. Praise God I have a wonderful wife who will take care of me during these crazy times. I couldn’t imagine if we had new born children and we had to deal with this craziness.

If you have a calendar and take practice in praying for people in need, please feel free to add it to you calendar on the 30th to pray for my health in surgery, my doctor’s steady hand, my wife’s care taking and my body’s acceptance of the surgery.

Thanks guys! I’ll keep you updates as time goes by. Shalom!

McDonald would not address how the surgery would impact the rest of his career, but he did say following the win over Dantas, McDonald did claim that if he had to undergo surgery he would consider retirement.

Due to various injuries, McDonald has only fought four time in the past five years.


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