McGregor Accuses Poirier And His Wife Of Scamming Through Their Foundation

Conor McGregor has accused Dustin Poirier and his wife of scamming people through their ‘The Good Fight Foundation.’

Poirier’s Foundation was set up to give back to the Louisiana community, which is Dustin’s hometown. It covers a range of issues, such as offering food, environmental disaster relief and health. Poirier raises the money by selling memorabilia from his fights, the proceeds of which then go to his community.

Dustin is selling off his kit from the Islam Makhachev fight at UFC 302. Poirier lost via a fifth-round submission. His kit has attracted interest from Khabib Nurmagomedov. The Eagle was in Islam’s corner as the UFC Lightweight Champion defeated The Diamond. Khabib has also squared off against Dustin as he won a third-round submission at UFC 242 in 2019.

But McGregor was not convinced by the motives of the Foundation. 

McGregor and Poirier’s bad blood continued after their UFC 264 clash. Dustin won, taking his record to 2-1 against McGregor. The Notorious broke his leg, saying it was not over. He controversially claimed Dustin’s wife had sent him DMs. While McGregor has spoken about his desire to have the rematch, Dustin is not sure as he questioned The Notorious’ injury.

“A pinky toe, I fought with a lot of injuries over the years. A pinky toe doesn’t seem like a reason to pull out of a fight. He crossed lines you can’t come back from. I want to whip his b**t [when he tweets about me]. He’s trying to bring that out of me, he wants me to fire back. We have a lot of back-and-forth over the years, since 2014, no clue [if a fourth fight is possible],” Porier stated 

Elsewhere, Poirier has expressed an interest in taking a Nate Diaz boxing fight. Diaz just secured a majority decision victory against Jorge Masvidal. The win avenged his MMA loss at UFC 244 in 2019. Diaz did call out Jake Paul and Leon Edwards. Dustin has now thrown his name into the hat. He showed striking prowess in his defeat to Makhachev and also when he knocked out Benoit St Denis at UFC 299. He has now targeted a boxing bout.

“A boxing match? Of course [that would excite me]. Of course. Just a change of speed, a different training camp, just something different. I’ve been doing MMA for a while, and I still love the training camps and I love fighting. But to go to purely boxing, the training camp would be a lot less wearing on the body. No wrestling, no jiu-jitsu, it would be boxing, running, swimming. That would be fun stuff. I would box Nate [Diaz], I would box Nate. Either [MMA or boxing works for me] but I would rather [fight] Nate in boxing,” Poirier revealed

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