McGregor Being Sued By Man With Broken Phone

Conor McGregor is in legal troubles once again, as the man who claims the UFC star smashed and stole his phone, is now suing him.

On Thursday Ahmed Abdirzak filed his suit in Miami-Dade County, claiming battery, assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Per TMZ, Abdirzak claimed he was leaving the Fontainebleau hotel, saw McGregor leaving at around 5:00 am, attempted to take a photo of the UFC star, but McGregor would grab Abdirzak’s arm to keep him from running away.

“[McGregor] then flew into a rage and punched [Abdirzak’s] smart phone out of his hand.”

Abdirzak says McGregor then grabbed the phone, smashed it to the ground and “began stomping on the phone repeatedly.”

Now the U.K. resident is seeking unspecified damages north of $15,000.

Abdirzak told TMZ he did nothing to incite McGregor, and now awaits “justice.”

The civil case joins with two felony charges that could see McGregor with a 15-year prison sentence.

Initial Report: TMZ

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