McGregor: Byrd Shouldn’t Have Stopped The Fight

The Byrd family has had a very hectic  two months in the world of boxing…

First Robert Byrd is the referee for Conor McGregor’s fight with Floyd Mayweather, where Byrd stopped McGregor in the tenth round, and then Adalaide Byrd was a judge for Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin and gave a scorecard with 118-110 for Canelo Alvarez.

And while Mrs. Byrd has taken a litany of scorn and acrimony for her decision, Mr. Byrd has not… Until now

Conor McGregor told interviewer Caroline Pearce that,


“I thought it was an early stoppage. How the f*** can you stop a fight if there were no knockdowns or nothing previous? The round before that I almost had him dropped. I hurt him to the body in the round before. How the f*** can you stop it like that at the first sign of a wobble? You’ve got to let these fights go on.”

McGregor also discussed the aforementioned Adalaide Byrd, and due to her inexpiable scorecard the Nevada State Athletic Commission announced immediate removal from all major bouts for the foreseeable future.

“The referee was a weird one now the more I look back on it… Especially after Adalaide Bird had that thing with the Canelo and GGG fight, that was her. Adalaide and Robert Byrd are husband and wife, that’s a bit weird, that’s when I started looking back on the fight… Why did he not give (Mayweather) instruction? Why was he staring at me? He had a vendetta against me straight off the bat. Early exchanges in the tie up, instead of just separating he would reach around and pull me away.”

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