McGregor Calls Out KSI, The Notorious Backs Danis To Beat Paul

Conor McGregor has called out KSI for a fight in what would be the MMA star’s second boxing bout.

McGregor’s only time in the ring was when he faced Floyd Mayweather Jr, as he suffered a tenth-round-stoppage defeat.

However, the ‘Notorious’ happened to be in attendance at the Anthony Joshua fight with Robert Helenius.

In the aftermath of the fight, McGregor called out KSI for what would be a mega crossover event.

“I know your man KSI is in the crowd, yeah? And he couldn’t box eggs if he worked in an egg boxing factory. So if he wants to get in here, I’ll give him a final — bareknuckle,” McGregor stumbled on his words.”— if he wants,” McGregor

In addition, McGregor has also confirmed that he is on hand to help Dillon Danis prepare for his crossover fight with Logan Paul.

The two square off on October 14th, 2023, as Danis will make his boxing debut. But rather than getting overwhelmed by it all, McGregor has backed Danis to win, since he will be giving the MMA star some help with his training.

With that being said, McGregor was confident about Danis’ chances.

“Dillon will win, for sure. I’m guiding him, I’m gonna train him for this, and I guarantee a win. I hope this lad shows up. He’s trying to put a bill on us if we don’t show up. We’re gonna come at him with a bill if he don’t show up,” McGregor

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