McGregor Confident About Returning At UFC 300

Conor McGregor has hinted at a comeback in time for UFC 300 in response to a question on social media. 

The MMA fighter recently enrolled into USADA, which requires all fighters to provide two negative samples over a six-month period before they can fight. The timeline would have placed McGregor’s return to around April, the expected time for UFC 300. That would have been welcomed, given McGregor’s dissatisfaction at having been away from the octagon for over two years. And yet, McGregor’s coach and Dana White had recently dismissed the idea of a return in April. 

“Talked to him yesterday, too. He’s good. He’s ready. He wants the [fight]. He’s gotta sit out the six months to get back into their drug testing pool. Realistically, we could be looking at him next summer,” White revealed

“We were hoping for April, that was the hope and that was what we were told. Then, now it seems to be the summertime. This coming April [was the goal]. You probably saw the same soundbite that I did, I don’t know [what’s holding it up], and we had a little back and forth earlier today. So, are they holding him back for fight week? So International Fight Week? I don’t really know… Yeah, okay. It’s a knockback from April to July, but it’s not the end of the world,” John Kavanagh stated 

Nevertheless, McGregor had not given up hope as he was still targeting a return at UFC 300. 


Provided that McGregor does make a return, the Notorious was targeting Anderson Silva’s knockout record. The latter has 23 stoppages, while McGregor has 19. The MMA fighter has delivered some iconic finishes, including his knockouts of Chad Mendes and Jose Aldo. And having the chance to set new records is keeping the 35-year-old eager to compete. 

“My next one will mark my 20th KO in professional MMA, so I am definitely looking forward to that! 20ko’s in mma is an incredible feat! Anderson has 23 overall so a nice aim for me,” McGregor

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