McGregor Goes Off On Tom Aspinall

Tom Aspinall, a heavyweight in the UFC, became Conor McGregor’s most recent target on Twitter after he acted unimpressed with McGregor’s 2023 comeback.

Following his coaching roll on The Ultimate Fighter season 31, McGregor will meet Michael Chandler, after a nearly two-year absence from competition due to a leg injury sustained at UFC 264.

While he has not been active in the cage, McGregor has been active on social media during his recovery. This time, he chose Aspinall as his target.

In a recent interview, Aspinall seemed unimpressed about McGregor’s comeback. In a since-deleted post, McGregor responded to Aspinall by calling him a “mush head rat.” In reaction, Aspinall appeared to make fun of McGregor’s slurs.

Aspinall’s attempt at humor didn’t amuse McGregor. In a since-deleted tweet, McGregor threatened to starve and kill Aspinall. Along with other insults, he called the heavyweight champion a “Mush Potato Head.”

Aspinall has yet to respond to McGregor’s most recent tirade. McGregor isn’t holding back when it comes to targeting people who aren’t interested in his comeback as he prepares for his second stint as a coach on TUF.

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