McGregor Hits Out At Musician Akon After His X Account Was Suspended

Conor McGregor has not been left happy with the singer AKON after the latter had gotten the MMA fighter’s X account suspended as a result of filing a copyright claim. 

The incident played out as McGregor placed a post of himself singing the musician’s song, ‘Locked Up.’ The post below shows McGregor singing along to the song without a care in the world. But rather than taking it as a compliment, it appeared that Akon was not best pleased with his material being used. 

“I’m steady trying to find the motive. Why do I do what I do? The freedom isn’t getting any closer, no matter how far I go. My car is stolen, no registration. Cops are patrolling and now they’ve stopped me and I get locked up. They won’t let me out, they won’t let me out, I’m locked up. They won’t let me out, no, they won’t let me out. They won’t let me out, I’m locked up, they won’t let me out, no, they won’t let me out,” McGregor sang

Therefore, in response, this is what McGregor had to say.

“Akon, what’s wrong, I was only signing the song. It wasn’t even that long. You need to take a chill pill or a hit of the bong, Song’s out years, Donkey Kong. In the back of the ranch, they weren’t expecting me own little song. Little rapper from the flat, his name was Panch,” McGregor



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