McGregor: “I’m Still the Featherweight Champion”

Anyone who thought that Conor McGregor would remain out of the limelight during his fighting hiatus does not know the Irishman well enough. McGregor won the RTE Sportsman of the Year award in Ireland over the weekend, and his interview offered insight into his current relationship with the UFC.

After being introduced by the interviewer as the lightweight champion, McGregor was quick to correct her. He was, he said, the lightweight and featherweight champion. The correction comes of course after the UFC stripped McGregor of his featherweight title, promoting Jose Aldo to undisputed champion and offering up an interim belt that was won by Max Holloway at UFC 206.

“All I know is they’re trying to type onto a keyboard and say, we’re taking this belt, we’re taking that belt, we’re doing this, we’re doing that,” McGregor said. “You ain’t doing nothing without contacting me first.”

McGregor became a two-division champion when he knocked out Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 in November. After the fight he said he would be taking a hiatus while his girlfriend Dee Devlin was pregnant with their first child. UFC President Dana White has recently stated that McGregor would be taking ten months off, an estimate that McGregor says was made without his blessing.

“As far as a break, I don’t know,” he said. “I know Dana has been on record being like ’10 months, he’s taking 10 months off’ Where did you get 10 months?”

Another sentiment McGregor offered post-UFC 205 was the frustration that the promotion’s new owners, WME-IMG, had yet to sit down with him to discuss business. It appears that meeting has still yet to take place.

“I just don’t know, I’m weighing my options,” McGregor said of a potential break from the sport, adding that he looked forward to pursuing a boxing career as well. “But again, I expect that conversation. I expect them to fly that jet to me. Ari, Patrick, the new owners from WME-IMG, the guys that bought the UFC for $4 billion. I want to speak to them. I want to see what their plan is. Because right now I don’t now what nobody’s plan is.

“I’m still the two-weight world champion," McGregor said. "Make no mistake about that. They can say what they want, they can try and get phony belts and hand them out to people I’ve already destroyed. I mean, the current champion is a guy I KO’d in 13 seconds. The current interim champion is a guy I destroyed as well. … Officially, I don’t care what nobody says. I am the two-weight world champion and that is that."

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