McGregor Offers To Promote Bieber-Cruise Fight

Many times in life you write a headline that confuses everyone, especially the person who wrote it. That is the case for this story as singer/tattoo enthusiast/Original YouTuber, Justin Bieber has called out Tom Cruise for a mixed martial arts fight.

Why? We have absolutely no idea.

In a move that befuddled humanity on Monday, the singer, known for the hit song “baby” is looking to land a hit to the face of Cruise, who has been known to do his own stunts.

Beiber, who has walked Floyd Mayweather to the ring several times over the past half decade, challenged Cruise for a fight “in the octagon” tweeting at Dana White in the process.

While White has not responded to this tweet, former UFC double champion Conor McGregor has gotten in on the fun, offering to act as the fight’s promoter.

No word if there is a planned showdown between Kate McKinnon dressed as Bieber and Ben Stiller dressed as Cruise.

What do you make of this publicity stunt? Will there be a catchweight? Can the Biebs’ reach advantage allow him to punch out the famous actor? Will Cruise’ walkout music be Danger Zone?

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