McGregor Reacts To Khabib’s ‘Seized’ Bank Accounts

Conor McGregor slammed Khabib Nurmagomedov following reports the Russian government seized The Eagle’s bank accounts.

According to reports, this was following underpaid taxes. The two outlets, and RT, claimed Nurmagomedov had underpaid his taxes, equivalent to $3 million. This was based on irregularities in the paperwork. Nurmagomedov’s camp rejected those claims, as Khabib appeared in Islam Makhachev’s corner for his UFC 301 fight against Dustin Poirier. McGregor reacted to the news by telling Khabib to do ‘push-ups.’ This was a dig following reports that Nurmagomedov had given a homeless man money in return for push-ups. 

This is the second time McGregor has hit out at Khabib recently. The initial criticism followed after Russian authorities killed Gadzhimurad Kagirov. The man was alleged to have conducted terror attacks in Dagestan. It transpired that Kagirov attended Khabib’s gym, although he was not a member of team Khabib. 

“In the terrorists gym when a tester showed up they would hold him hostage and give a random clean persons urine vs the fighters they were looking to test. All will come out now. When this comes down on top of them, watch what surfaces. There is a video of khabib walking into a premise full of people and smashing it up entirely with a bat, threatening all those inside. All will come out. Mystic Mac,” McGregorstated


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