McGregor Ready To Take Out Gaethje, The Rest Of The Lightweight Division

It appears that Conor McGregor is ready to fight once again, following a passionate rant on Twitter.

The former UFC Lightweight and Featherweight Champion took to social media to talk about several topics. The new interim UFC Lightweight Champion in Justin Gaethje was one of the main subjects of his war against the lightweight division. Gaethje caught the interest of McGregor after tweeting at him that he wasn’t a good father or a husband. That was in September. Now, McGregor responded in an extremely passionate (and NSFW) way.

“Justin, there is no danger in a man that hugs legs, we all know,” McGregor said. “Try and dance around what the real threat is here all you want. I am going to f*cking butcher you. Your teeth. I’m going to put them on a fucking necklace. Speak on my skills as a father? You are f*cking dead.”

McGregor and Gaethje were actually rumored to face one another this summer before the latter was chosen to replace Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 249. Gaethje played it off as the winner of him v. Ferguson represented America v. Russia in Khabib. McGregor inserted himself into that statement, stating he could never represent the country.

McGregor is also referring to Ali Abdelaziz, who represents Gaethje and Khabib. He was previously keeping his eye on the Ferguson-Gaethje bout as he was interested in competing against either fighter. He ended up telling Dana White on the My Mom’s Basement podcast that he would be interested in competing on “Fight Island“, even with no fans there to watch him.

Gaethje threw 143 significant strikes in his bout against Ferguson, with over 100 shots to the head landing. “The Highlight” used vicious left hooks to damage the face of Ferguson. In the end, the referee called the fight off in the fifth, awarding Gaethje the TKO victory. Ferguson ended up suffering from an orbital bone fracture.

While going after Gaethje, McGregor decided to play matchmaker and stated what should be the planned fights for the next few months at lightweight. He believes when Ferguson is healed up, he should face Dustin Poirier.

“It is Dustin/Tony next when Tony heals,” McGregor went on to say. “If he does. Dustin will beat him also if changes are not made. Which they won’t. Dustin, although game, and in the mix, will be fed to the floor again. Couple wins here/there then folded in half. Rinse and repeat – Dustin career.”

Finally, McGregor turned his attention to Khabib. The UFC Lightweight Champion decided to stay in Russia to quarantine due to gyms across the United States closing down and a lack of location for the original UFC 249 as a result of the coronavirus. Ferguson stated Khabib should be stripped of the belt, while White takes some responsibility for him not appearing on the card. Conor bashed Khabib not showing up, or wanting to compete until at least September.

“Khabib you absolute embarrassment,” McGregor said. “Scurrying, hiding rat as usual. As I have said many times. As has been seen many times. Through the pane of glass it was confirmed what was always known. “No comment” lol. An embarrassment to real fighting.”

Khabib beat McGregor at UFC 229 in Las Vegas. Filled with animosity, the camps of the two were involved in a post-fight melee. McGregor is currently working his way back up to face Khabib, winning his first bout since 2016 against Donald Cerrone at UFC 246.

McGregor is looking to return this summer. After he accomplishes what he wants, he stated he is coming for the welterweight division.

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