McGregor Rules Out A Chandler Fight As He Targets Gaethje And Diaz

Conor McGregor appears to have shut down any chance of a fight between him and Michael Chandler

McGregor has been out of the cage since his loss to Dustin Poirier in 2021 after having suffered a broken leg.

Although McGregor has had an extensive rehabilitation period, the ‘Notorious’ does not look like he will return anytime soon.

The former has not entered USDA’s testing pool, which requires the MMA star to provide two negative samples over a six-month period.

Meanwhile, McGregor and Chandlers’ rivalry on TUF 31 does not appear to extend beyond that. And now McGregor’s comments have confirmed as much. 

“I’ll do it if they want, no prob. I don’t think they want him [Chandler] no more tho. There’s loads of juicy fights around and my return date is my return date.

“I never gave a f**k about who it was. Ever. I’ll fight anyone. I’ll even fly them to me, ask Malignaggi. Flown in and be[a]t around,” McGregor

Much in the same way, McGregor has indicated his desire to win the ‘BMF’ title following Justin Gaethje’s win over Poirier.

In the aftermath, McGregor vowed to ‘slap’ Gaethje around the cage, as he outlined a two-point-fight plan to face him and Nate Diaz in a trilogy. 

“Regardless of that nonsense match me and Nate will be completing the trilogy. I am going to go grab that BMF belt right quick for us to compete for it in the trilogy,” McGregor

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