McGregor Says No UFC Talks Over A Return, His Coach Calls It ‘Weird’

Conor McGregor says there are no discussions over his UFC return, casting doubt on his future. 

McGregor’s focus has been on promoting his first film, Road House, which will be released on March 21. But he has spoken about his desire to enter the Octagon since he has not fought following his loss to Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 in 2021. He suffered a broken leg, losing three fights out of his last four UFC bouts. 

Dana White dismissed his plans for a comeback on June 29 against Michael Chandler. The CEO of the UFC has accused McGregor of not having had a full training camp and not being motivated due to his mass wealth. However, with two fights still under his UFC deal, McGregor is puzzled by the silence surrounding his return. 

“I hope we get some clarity with a date and we can push towards it. That would be great for me, June 29th and then the Sphere And then what? Then what happens then? I don’t know. And I wonder do they know? There’s been no talk about anything. So I wonder what next.

“Obviously I got the Diaz trilogy, that is what I said for The Sphere, there was cold water put on (fighting Diaz at the Sphere) publicly off the bat, and I wasn’t happy with that. So, I need discussion or conversation, because if I lose interest, and I’m not getting anything back, I just drift off, my man. So I hope I can get something in,” McGregor said

McGregor’s coach, John Kavanagh, has also been confused by the Irishman’s absence. This has led to the narrative that the UFC is keeping a hold of McGregor in order to maximize his return. That prevents McGregor from boxing since the UFC would have to give the green light. As McGregor is 35, inactivity will only harm him. 

“I won’t pretend to know the politics and what’s going on with legal stuff in the background. All I know is it seems odd that we’re not getting [any news]. Like I said, I really am speaking from a position of ignorance because I actually try to purposefully avoid all of that. [McGregor’s manager] Audie [Attar] and the team, they do all that, they go back and forth with Hunter [Campbell] and the UFC team. But yeah, it’s weird to me for someone to be the star he is and not get more opportunities,” Kavanagh said


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