McGregor Seeks Redemption

Conor McGregor has had a weird two years.

In 2017, McGregor was the face of the UFC, held two of their world titles, and had made the most money in his life by fighting Floyd Mayweather in one of the most-watched pay-per-views in the history of the platform.

Since then McGregor has been arrested numerous times for throwing a handtruck through a bus, breaking a fan’s phone, and under investigation for punching an old man in the face over him not drinking McGregor’s Proper Twelve Whiskey.

Amidst the chaos that was his past 24 months, McGregor returned to the Octagon in a losing effort to now lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229.

McGregor admitted that an injury and lacking focus outside of camp set back the former featherweight and lightweight champion, and now after the haze of a post-Mayweather payday and numerous legal hurdles, it seems McGregor is searching for redemption inside the Octagon.

“You must understand my foot was a balloon when I walked into that fight. I’ve got all this footage backed up from that entire camp. I broke my foot three weeks out from that fight. My foot was a balloon,” McGregor said to Ariel Helwani.

“I dove in on one foot. My foot was a balloon. My toes came out of the socket and a guy had to come into the cage and break them back into place, the thing ballooned out and I hobbled in there and walked him down and did not give two s***s. That was with a bad camp. That was with a half-committed camp.”

“I was too committed in the gym and not committed enough outside of it,” McGregor said of his preparation for the October 2019 loss in Las Vegas. “The training sessions were too serious and then when I left the gym, it was gone from my mind. I would go off into the jungle and you cannot do that. You cannot be half in, especially in a game like this and I paid the price for it and that’s it.

“Although I had reasons and I had injuries, who gives a s**t. Who gives a s**t. What happened, happened. I know what I can do. I’ve done it before. I’ve done it before when I was doubted so I’m eager to do it again.”

“He ran away for that first round. He didn’t throw a punch. He shot for the legs before he threw a punch,” McGregor said of the first round of their historic Pay-Per-View fight. “The first round, I should have been talking to Herb [Dean]. He says he was talking to me in the cage. There wasn’t a whisper out of him until he ended up in the dominant position and the only reason he ended up in that dominant position was because I walked around with disrespect towards him cause he was just running around the cage. I switched up and in that millisecond he got that lucky shot.

“Even after he got that lucky shot, although it was a beautiful shot, even after the shot I got back up and engaged and he shot again. But whatever, there’s many great things that I can take from that and I can come back and avenge that.”

“I had a little road bump. I was preparing for July in Madison Square Garden. I was in phenomenal condition, mentally and physically, the best I’ve ever been,” McGregor said of a comeback that was derailed due to hand surgery. “I learned so much from the damage I took in that last camp what not to do and how to approach this the next time. I was in phenomenal condition and then a little slip up again. I’m just trying to find that balance and get motivated again. I’m taking inspiration everywhere.

“If [the Khabib rematch is] there, that’s what I’ll take. If not, I’ll take whatever’s here and there’s plenty there. Multiple people.”

Quotes Transcribed by MMA Fighting


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