McGregor Trolls Malignaggi After Lobov Scuffle

The last time someone slapped Artem Lobov in public, Conor McGregor and a dozen of his friends swarmed on the UFC 223 media day and threw a hand truck through a bus window.

Now, nearly a year to the day of the incident at Barclays Center, Lobov and Paulie Malignaggi would get into it at an open workout for the BKFC.

Malignaggi would open hand slap Lobov after a heated stare-down on Tuesday at Mendez boxing gym, and instead of flying up from Miami to incite some sort of revenge, McGregor showed restraint and just trolled Malignaggi with photos of the two men sparring in 2017.


While Malignaggi has insisted since the first photos of their sparring were leaked in 2017 that the photos do not tell the whole story, McGregor decided to bury the former world champion with the above collection of shots that show the former UFC champion laying the leather to the Brooklyn born boxer.

Not long after the photo drop by McGregor, Malignaggi would reply and reasserted his position that the full spar would show the boxer outclassing McGregor.


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