McGregor’s Next Fight Will Be Against Chandler – Says Dana White

Dana White has confirmed that Conor McGregor’s next fight will indeed be against Michael Chandler.

Following Justin Gaethje’s second-round KO over Dustin Poirier, the ‘Notorious’ vowed to slap the former around the cage.

And as Gaethje picked up the ‘BMF’ title, McGregor indicated his intention to grab that title and then fight Nate Diaz.

After all, Gaethje even asked McGregor to ‘sign the contract’ as the talk over a fight continued to build.

As a result, McGregor downplayed the chances of a fight with Chandler.

“I’ll do it if they want, no prob. I don’t think they want him [Chandler] no more tho. There’s loads of juicy fights around and my return date is my return date.

“I never gave a f**k about who it was. Ever. I’ll fight anyone. I’ll even fly them to me, ask Malignaggi. Flown in and be[a]t around,” McGregor

Although that may have been the case, White has reassured fans that Chandler will be next. 

“I talked to Conor, either yesterday or the day before, and yeah, he’s ready to fight. I said, ‘Listen, get in shape and let’s figure this out. He likes to f*** with everybody. You know what I mean? Especially his opponent, or possible opponents,” White

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