McKenzie Accuses NSAC Inspector Of Sexual Harassment

Former UFC fighter Cody McKenzie has accused the Nevada State Athletic Commission of sexual harassment stemming from an alleged incident right before McKenzie’s last scheduled fight.

The Ultimate Fighter alumni was recently hit with a four-year suspension from the NSAC for trying to hand in a fake urine sample. According to McKenzie, who spoke to MMA Fighting on the matter, said it all started minutes before his scheduled Tuff-N-Uff fight in Las Vegas on September 14. 

“They said if I didn’t piss in a cup right before my fight — literally I was warming up — my fight was about to happen in five minutes and they’re yelling at me, telling me I need to take the piss test and I’m like, ‘No, I can’t take a piss right now,” McKenzie explained. “I’m warming up for my fight. I’ve never f–in’ taken a piss in my life before a fight. I’ve fought for 15 years. Leave me alone.”

At that point, Mckenzie claimed that one of the inspectors from the commission exposed himself to McKenzie in an effort to show that he can provide a urine sample at that moment.

“And one of the [commission inspectors] whipped out his f–in’ d-ck, ‘cause he’s like, ‘Oh, it’s not that f–in’ hard,’” McKenzie said. “And he takes his d-ck out and shakes his d-ck at me. I was like, ‘Dude, that’s f–in’ sexual harassment.’ You can’t do that. That’s bullsh-t, you know? There was five or six witnesses standing right there. Nothing ever came out about it. I talked to the commission about it countless times, they just keep saying there’s an investigation going on, which I haven’t heard a thing about it, they won’t talk to me about any of it. I’m like, ‘You guys are ridiculous. You guys are f–in’ crazy.’ That’s nuts to me. You don’t pull your dick out and shake it at somebody, especially in this day and age.”

Nevada State Athletic Commission executive director Bob Bennett has since then denied McKenzie’s claims, but said the inspector in question is no longer working for the NSAC.

“[McKenzie’s] allegations are not accurate. We’re currently looking into the matter accordingly. At the current time, that inspector is no longer working events for us, Bennett said.

Original Story: MMA Fighting

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