Medical Suspension Sees Off Jared Cannonier For 6 Months

After raising his stocks in a super fight against Kelvin Gastelum in the UFC Vegas 34 main event, Jared Cannonier might get suspended for six months on medical grounds.

The middleweight star has already made it clear that he wants to get inside the octagon soon. However, after the fight, he seems to have hurt his foot. In case his foot x-ray comes out positive, the 37-year-old will have to wait for a while before he can showcase his skills again.

Here’s the list of fighters who have been handed medical suspensions after the UFC Vegas 34:

  • Cannonier can’t compete until 02/18/22 unless x-ray is negative
  • Gastelum suspended until 09/21/21.
  • Porter suspended until 09/21/21.
  • Sherman suspended until 09/21/21.
  • Pichel suspended until 09/21/21.
  • Hubbard suspended until 09/21/21
  • Pantoja will face minimum suspension, no-contest or contact, until 09/21/21 (depends on x-ray results)
  • Royval will face minimum suspension no-contest until 09/12/21 (depends on his orbital cat scan results)
  • Lingo suspended until 10/06/21.
  • Pilarte must not compete until 09/21/21 (depends on results of his left knee MRI)
  • Nunes will face minimum suspension until 09/12/21 (depends on left foot X-ray)
  • Malecki suspended until 10/21/21
  • Cherant suspended until 10/06/21
  • Bahamondez suspended until 10/06/21
  • Roberts suspended until 10/21/21
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