Men To Be Sentenced For Robbery Attempt At Conor McGregor’s Pub

Two men who attempted to rob Conor McGregor’s pub will be sentenced later this year.

Jason Paget, 35, and Charles Darcy, 34, have pleaded guilty to one count of burglary at the Marble Arch Pub on Benbulbin Road, Drimnagh. They also used a car without the consent of the owner on August 12, 2021.

According to garda Brendan D’Arcy, local police were on a mobile patrol in the area at 3:23 a.m. when they saw a car parked outside of the pub. The lights were on and the engine was running. Police also observed a woman in the passenger who appeared to be intoxicated. The car was later found to be stolen on July 29, 2021.

Soon after, D’Arcy said that the gardai – police in Ireland – saw the pub’s alarm was ringing, heard noises from the inside and the shutter was forced open.

Police called for backup and two men were seen trying to push a cash register under the door.

Paget and Darcy reportedly retreated inside after seeing the police, but Darcy was spotted hiding in a bush.

D’Arcy argued that the burglary attempt was “unsophisticated” and Dary tried fleeing while drunk.

Paget has 15 previous convictions and is in custody on the burglary charge. Darcy has 43 convictions including an attempted murder, which he served 12 years for. He is in custody on a different charge.

The Marble Arch is where McGregor infamously punched customer Desmond Keogh after refusing to taste McGregor’s Proper 12 whiskey. Kenogh refused a shot of the liquor and McGregor punched him in the head.

The UFC fighter pleaded guilty to assault and paid a €1,000 fine.

McGregor later bought the pub and finalized the purchase on November 15, 2021 for about €2 million.

The former UFC champion had bought the Black Forge pub in Crumlin the year before for €1.9 million.

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