Mendoza Stuns Fundora With A Seventh-Round KO-‘If You Don’t Kill Me, I’m Coming’

Brian Mendoza caused a stir in the 154 lb division after he knocked out Sebastian Fundora in the seventh round.

Mendoza managed to turn the fight around after having been dominated up until that point.

With a record of 20-1-1 and 13 knockouts, Fundora had the upper hand until he was suddenly knocked down. He controlled the distance, using his ‘6’6’ frame to significant effect by jabbing Mendoza around.

In the third round, Fundora launched a series of left uppercuts, right hands to the body, and a three-punch combination, as Mendoza’s nose began to bleed as a result in the fifth.

But after Fundora made an unsuccessful attempt to execute a left uppercut from a distance, he paid the price. Mendoza, in response, delivered a powerful left hook that knocked down Fundora.

Seizing the opportunity, Mendoza quickly followed up with a series of punches, including a right and left hook, which left Fundora dazed and confused.

Fundora was unable to get up despite the count, as the bout ended with 39 seconds left in the seventh. The win was all the more noteworthy, given the direction of the fight prior to the stoppage.

According to CompuBox, Fundora had landed a total of 100 punches and 75 power punches, while his opponent had landed only 59 and 53 punches, respectively.

Meanwhile, Fundora was leading on all three scorecards with scores of 60-54, 60-54, and 59-54.

Mendoza’s latest victory has earned him the interim WBC title, which puts him in line to face Jermell Charlo.

Post-Fight Comments

“I never quit. I keep going. You can beat me all you want, but if you don’t kill me, I’m coming back. They didn’t kill me in my career and it’s too late now, I’m getting better each time. I want to thank Fundora for taking this fight. He didn’t need to take it. It was really risky for where he was at,” Mendoza.  


“I’m good. For one second I turned off but I guess that’s boxing, right? It happens. You just get caught with a punch. I did some punching and then I got caught you know.

“He was throwing that overhand right all night and I was dodging and dodging, but in boxing, the second you fall asleep, you get punished.

“It was a good punch. I don’t recognize that moment, but I’m fine. I’m healthy now, and I’ll be back. I’ll be back to take the division and this is a step up and a step-down. It happens, but I’ll be back,” said Fundora. 

Rest Of The Card

Brandun Lee def. Pedro Campa via a unanimous decision – 97-93, 98-92, 99-91

Luis Nunez def. Christian Olivo via a unanimous decision – 97-93, 98-92, 100-90

Gabriel Maestre def. Devon Alexander – retired in the third round

Adrian Corona drew with Jerry Perez – 76-76, 76-76, 78-74 (Perez)

Frank Sanchez def. Daniel Martz via a first-round TKO

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