Michael Bisping Touches On Fighters Strategically Using Vaseline

The UFC has not yet outlawed its use

Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping has recently spoken to the public about some advantages fighters have been using during their bouts. The retired competitor also detailed multiple occasions when UFC changed their rules.

Bisping talked about athletes wearing Speedos in the ring, twelve-to-six elbows, and not being allowed to throw their opponents over the fence during matches. But most notably, the Manchester star discussed the use of Vaseline in the octagon.

For many athletes, Vaseline can be problematic to their trade in the ring. Some techniques require immense grip and static strength against the opponent.

While speaking about the slick advantage Vaseline can provide on his YouTube channel, Bisping revealed that multiple fighters have talked about the use of Vaseline with him.

“Trying to control a fighter covered in sweat who’s also applied like a lubricant like a Vaseline, that’s damn near impossible! And that’s why a lot of fighters in the history of mixed martial arts have tried to do [so],” Michael Bisping explained.

“In fact, I’ve been present speaking to people, other fighters where they’ve told me some of their methods. They used to say ‘What I do is I apply Vaseline to my body 2, 3 days before, I allow it to soak in and then afterwards I shower so it feels like there’s nothing there, and then in the fight when you start sweating, it comes out.”

While several fighters have protested the use of Vaseline, the UFC has yet to put an official rule in place.

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