Michael Bisping’s Vacation Turns Into A Nightmare

The man known as the “Count” was almost counted out this weekend as Michael Bisping had an eventful vacation in Maui. While on vacation his car was broken into on two separate occasions, as thieves got away with some personal belongings.

The current Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Middleweight champion took to his “Believe You Me” podcast to discuss his Clark Griswoldesque incident.

“We walked up to the car, and [son] Callum said ‘someone smashed the window… I thought he was kidding, ‘the little f*ucker,’ but lo and behold, [someone] smashed the window,” he said as transcribed by MMA Fighting.

“My wife had left her bag in the trunk, [they] smashed the window, grabbed that and all the clothing, of course we were swimming, so I just had a tiny pair of shorts on, my wife was in a bikini. That’s kind of how we were dressed. All the clothes, stuff like that, all stolen, including my wallet, everything.”

Not only does this happen, but Bisping has the same rental car broken into and gets his running shoes stolen due to a broken window.

Later in his trip. Bisping says things got even more maddening as a paddle boarding adventure nearly cost him his life after the weather took a turn for the worse.

“We’re pretty far out, the cliffs were 200-300 meters away and we’re drifting further and further out. I’m like ‘holy s*hit,’ I don’t want to say anything to my daughter but I’m panicking a little bit, you know what I mean?”

Bisping says he then decided to try to pull his daughter — who was on the board — onto shore, but to no avail. And to make matters worse, two other female swimmers decided to latch on to their board.

“I jump off, my daughter’s on the paddle board, we’re drifting further and further out to sea,” he said. “I’m trying to swim and I’m starting to panic, we’re getting nowhere.”

Once helped arrived, Bisping, naturally, offered up the room available on the rescue boat to his daughter and the other women.

“Me being a macho d*ckhead, I go ‘yeah yeah yeah I’m fine, I’ll swim back,’ because I assume there’s no room for me,” Bisping stated. “So they all disappear, go off in the distance and I’m thinking ‘I don’t f*cking believe this, me, and my ego, rather than just say ‘I need help also,’ I’m going to drown now.”

Luckily lifeguards intervened and helped Bisping back to shore, and alive for his fight in November at Georges St-Pierre at MSG.



Source: “Believe You Me” podcast and MMA Mania

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