Michael Chandler: Dustin Poirier Is Still A Guy He Would ‘Love’ To Compete Against

Michael Chandler wants to share the octagon with Dustin Poirier.
If Poirier maintains his 155-pound weight class, UFC lightweight contender Michael Chandler feels a bout with him makes a lot of sense.

Despite losses to Charles Oliveira and Justin Gaethje, Chandler remains a UFC title challenger. He is still a big name in the lightweight division and may be back in contention for a title shot if he can go on a winning run.

Poirier also fell to Oliveira at UFC 269, putting both fighters in peril in the 155-pound class. Poirier has also said that he will fight at welterweight for the remainder of his career after losing his second title shot against Oliveira.

“That’s what I wanted to do when I came into the UFC,” Chandler told MMA Fighting.

“I wanted to fight all the top guys. Poirier was actually one of the guys that we asked for, and he declined at the very beginning, which I have no problem with that. He was at the top of the division and I was the guy from outside the UFC coming in.”

Chandler recently corrected remarks where he called Dustin Poirier a “quitter” after his defeat at UFC 269. Poirier was submitted with a standing rear-naked choke in Round 3.

Chandler and Poirier are still fighting for belts, and a lightweight bout between them would make sense. However, Poirier’s inability to commit to a 155-pound future may rule out the fight.

“He’s a guy that I respect. A guy that I admire inside the sport of mixed martial arts. A guy who I would love to compete against,” Chandler added.

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