Michael Chandler Gives His Take On Volkanovski Suffering Two Straight KO Losses

“Iron” Michael Chandler appeared on The MMA Hour this week and shared his thoughts on Alexander Volkanovski’s most recent loss to Ilia Topuria at UFC 298.

Topuria cut the long-reining featherweight king’s night short with a nasty right hook in the second round, that stopped Volkanovski instantaneously for just the second time in his career. This bout came on the heels of his first ever knockout loss that he suffered last October in his short notice lightweight title shot versus Islam Makhachev.

Many feel that the short turn around and lack of resting time between training camps could be negatively affecting the once dominant champion. Chandler expressed that he agrees with this sentiment, and even went as far as suggesting that it would be reasonable to think the result of the main event versus Topuria could have been different if Volkanovski had given his body enough time to rest after squaring off with Makhachev.

“Man, I never want to strengthen the narrative of someone maybe making a bad decision, but it would maybe lend itself to that, right?” Chandler said. “I mean, Volk coming out, taking that fight on short notice, and then fighting — what? — three and a half, four months after, which means you’re back into a training camp, back sparring, taking blows to the head again, just month and a half, two months later. It’s not the right recipe, so to speak. Almost pretty much the exact opposite of what I’ve done. And this is why you can look at that and you can say, ‘Man, Volk might have had a different outcome that night had he not gone right back into a training camp.’

Chandler also went on to speak out on the effects that can come from putting your body through too much, and he believes if Volkanovski cannot continue on the track that he has been on over the course of the last five months.

Additionally, Chandler urged the former champion to slow things down in an effort to prolong his time in the sport.

“It is a real thing. Your brain can shut off, your body can shut off, and there is a diminishing effect when it comes to being able to take punches. And yeah, I don’t want to say that was why it happened, but I want to see the best for Volk. I would like to see him sit down a little bit, enjoy some time with his family, still stay involved but don’t take any punches to the head, man, because we need him in the sport for a little while longer.”

Given the intelligence of the people that surround Volkanovski, he will no doubt take the proper length of recovery this time around. But, given his championship mindset, it is not imagined that he will be out for too long.

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