Michael Chandler Receives 22 Stitches After Enduring Brutal Justin Gaethje Brawl

Michael Chandler and Justin Gaethje went through a war on Saturday, and Chandler had to repair some of the damages.

Chandler had four stitches inside his lip, 12 stitches above his right eye and six stitches above his left eye – totaling to 22 stitches, according to TMZ Sports. Despite the loss and repairs needed, Chandler sent a photo with a smile on his face.

Chandler, the No. 4 ranked lightweight, didn’t hand the win to Gaethje, the No. 1 ranked lightweight, so easily. The two brawled it out for 25 minutes straight.

Gaethje landed 116 strikes to Chandler’s 103.

Both fighters were transported to the hospital after their UFC 268 fight.


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