Michael Chandler Says UFC Fighters Are Paid What They’re “Worth”

Many MMA fighters, fans and experts say that UFC fighters are not getting what they deserve, but Michael Chandler thinks otherwise.

Chandler (22-6) is one of the renowned fighters in the UFC. Last Wednesday, a fan asked Chandler if he believers fighters need to take a stand on better pay, but he said no.

Meanwhile, the current heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou said UFC fighters are not getting paid enough. Even Jake Paul – the Youtuber-turned-boxer — says and criticizes UFC presidents Dana White for not appreciating fighters’ work.

UFC interim heavyweight champion Cyril Gane said that even in the title fight, after taxes and payments to the coaches and sparring partners, what was once $350,000 turned into only $150,000 left for him, which is not championship payment.

Meanwhile, boxers make millions. Paul was guaranteed $1 million for stepping in the ring against Tyron Woodley Sunday.

Chandler, a No. 4 ranked lightweight was very famous before signing in the UFC. He was known as Mr. Bellator because he won lots of fights and championship fights in this promotion. But as usual, debutant fighters in the UFC are making only 12,000 for the show and an extra 12,000 if they will win the fight. Then they get taxed.

Chandler made a reported $530,000 from UFC 257, including Performance of the Night, win and sponsorship bonuses. He made $350,000 in show money. He is reportedly signed for UFC 268.

Conor McGregor, a UFC star and social media giant, became the most paid athlete in 2020. He earned way more than footballers like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

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