Michael Chiesa ‘Dragged Out’ By Police After Celebrating Julianna Peña Win

That was not a wise decision. And if you ask the “Maverick” the same thing, he will certainly concur.

The UFC welterweight contender Michael Chiesa tried to rush towards the octagon following his teammate Julianna Peña’s win at the UFC 269, and in the process, injured himself.

Following the incident, UFC President Dana White was not impressed with Chiesa’s actions.

“How do I say this without embarrassing the guy,” White said.

“He had a little bit too much to drink this evening. When she won, he freaked out and tried to jump into the octagon and fell down on his face, cut his eye and busted his eye open, then was arguing with the police that he needed to get into the octagon and be with her, because that’s his teammate.”

“[The police] dragged him out, got him outside, and calmed him down in the back, and I went back and talked to him for a minute, and we’re all good.”

Chiesa and Peña have been training partners at Sikjitsu in Spokane, Washington for many years now.

Lately, the “Maverick” hasn’t had a good time in the octagon as he suffered two back-to-back losses coming in the hands of Vicente Luque and Sean Brady, respectively.

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