Michael Page Inks Long Term Deal With Bellator

As his star grows both in the cage and the boxing ring, welterweight standout Michael Page has signed a long term deal with Bellator MMA.

Speaking with ESPN on Wednesday, the British welterweight confirmed that he has signed a new flexible deal with the Viacom owned MMA outfit, that will allow him to fight both for Bellator, but as well as a boxer.

“The contract is for six fights and 100 percent I am still able to box,” Page said. “It will still be under the same circumstances, as in I still have to get permission cleared from Bellator, which is fine and understandable, especially with the tournament coming up.”

“I call Bellator home for a reason,” Page said. “They give people personality, which I feel lacks in many other shows. If I wasn’t able to get over some of the things I was unhappy with Bellator, then I would have been forced to move but not because I wanted to. I didn’t really care to see what my market value is if what I call my home is happy to pay for it. I’m happy where I am and don’t need to change it.

“The type of fighter I am, I don’t need to be at any specific show to create noise. I can do that from wherever I am. I was happy at Bellator, and now I’m even happier with my new contract.”

What also enticed Page is the upcoming Bellator Welterweight Grand Prix, which Page has entered into, and may end up facing countryman/rival, Paul Daley in the first round.

“I said from the start when I spoke to Bellator: I’m down for the tournament, but I want him first round,” Page said. “It’s strictly personal. Everybody knows it. I want him in the first round, because I don’t believe he would make it to the final anyway. I don’t think he’d make it past the first round regardless of who he fights, but I prefer to be the one that takes him out of the tournament in the first round.”

“I’m just hoping this gets confirmed finally, and I get to break his face. Until the contract is signed, I just don’t trust him. He’s been making all types of excuses and reasons not to sign this contract. In my head, I’m hoping November, and I’m hoping it’s in the U.K.”

Initial Report: ESPN

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