Mike Perry Accuses Jake Paul Of Using Steroids

Mike Perry has accused Jake Paul of being on steroids ahead of their boxing fight on July 20. 

Paul was meant to face Mike Tyson initially on the same date. The Problem Child bulked up to over 200 pounds for the Tyson fight, only for Mike to pull out. Tyson’s team confirmed he had an inflamed ulcer, and the fight has been rescheduled for November 15.

But with Paul having put on a lot of mass from his usual weight of cruiserweight, Perry has accused him of using PEDs. Perry will face him in the ring in an eight-round boxing match from the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida. The only way to remove doubt is to subject both fighters to random testing. In his response to Paul’s physique, Perry had this to say.

“Well, he’s gotta be hot. If he went from, you know, 210, if he really did go to 230, he had to use something. I don’t know how the testing is going to be. They may test me and not test him. That’s fine. I’ve fought people who are on it. I know I’ve trained with people who are on the juice. You know, it is what it is. You can test me any day of the week. I eat chicken and steak, and I eat rice, and I train, and I just love to fight. So, it’s just more of a mentality thing for me,” Perry said

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