Mike Perry Pulls Out Baseball Bat, Threatens Julian Lane

The former UFC welterweight Mike Perry knows a thing or two to keep the crowd engaged as he was involved in an insulting exchange with Julian Lane at his debut BKFC press conference.

Throughout the event, both fighters went back and forth at each other, ending with Perry pulling out a baseball bat just before the closing stages of the conference. The pair were hurling derogatory remarks at one another when Perry responded to Lane by saying “what’s up, little b—”, before pulling out the bat.

Though Lane was undeterred despite Perry’s antics, security was there to ensure nobody gets hurt before the real action. But as it turned out, the bat was not real as the ‘Platinum’ later revealed it wasn’t made from aluminum or wood.

But this feud didn’t end here as Lane then accused Perry of racial slurs against him.
“So with that bat, you might want to watch yourself when you’re walking out of here, you’re going to play like that.”

Both the fighters were eventually separated by the BKFC security as the press conference officially came to an end.

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